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This is another Jewish branch of Noar that has not yet been proven to be connected to the Noar family descended from Itzak > Hillel Noar.  However, maybe in time......................

Recent research results on the origins of this branch can be read at Research Report .   This research was done mostly at the archives in Saint Petersburg, Russia .  Opportunities for further research are explained at the bottom of the report.

In the late 1800's  there were 4 siblings who immigrated from Russia, near St. Petersburg , to England and America.  The ancestral village of the family was Vabolnik , Lithuania .  The oldest, Joseph, went to England with the name Noar.  Two of Joseph's brothers, Joshua and Jacob, ended up in America with the the surname Norr.  A sister, Lizzie, went first to England and then to America along with her husband Maurice Caplan.  At this point I will only relate the tale of Joseph since it is his descendants which have the Noar name.

Joseph Noar was born in 1840 in Russia .   He was a tailor in St. Petersburg, making uniforms for the Czar's officers.  In 1886 he immigrated from Russia to England along with his eldest son, Israel (16). Joseph was looking for a better life while Israel was of age for conscription.  Joseph found work in the tailoring department of the Co-operative Society of Manchester.

Two years later he was able to bring over his wife, Belle (Baile) and other 6 children:
Lubbie (the oldest)
Eli (13)
Dora (8-9 )
Leah (6)
Maurice (3)
Leslie (1)
Unfortunately, Belle died within 1 year of arriving in England Joseph remarried, to Rosie , who gave birth to twins who died as children.

1. Lubbie Noar  (b ~1866) married a man named Abrahams and had 7 children:  Fanny , Louis ,
    Abraham Sarah , Solly , Bella , and Maurice .  They were very poor.  Lubbie died in 1926 at
    age 60.
     - Fanny married a man named Cohen.  They made a living out of a shpayzkrom (small
       grocery store).   They had 2 children one of whom was Lewis, who went on to be the
       Chief Executive of the Institute of Physics in London .
     - Louis died in WW I in 1916.
     - Abraham remained a bachelor and worked for his uncle Leslie Noar as a collector in his
       Money Lending and Credit Drapery Business.  He changed his name to Arthur Ambrose.
     - Sarah also did not marry and earned her living a a sewing machinist.
     - Solly was also a bachelor and worked for his uncle Leslie .
     - Maurice was a factory manager for the Kindler Raincoat Manufacturers.  He married a
       widow, Leah Coddle and had step daughter Rita They had 2 further girls, Sheila and
Pamela Sheila earned high honours as a academic in Australia.
Rita married Sidney Bubb in 1949.  They had 2 children, Janice and Carl .
Janice married Sid Ackerman .  They have 2 children, Robert and Lauren .
Sheila married Keith Davies and had a son Michael .
Pamela married Ivor Deach and had 2 daughters, Andrea and Melanie .
Andrea married Eric Sayers and have 2 children, Rachelle and Elliot .
Melanie married Philip Lisberg and has a son named Abe .

2. Israel Noar (b ~1870) married Annie Sablowski and had 6 children:  Lionel , Maurice , Sidney ,
    Lawrence Jenny , and Mae .
    - Lionel was a bachelor who made his living as a bookie's runner.
    - Maurice was a Post Office Clerk and was married to Elsie. They had a daughter named
      Joan who had 2 children Irvin and Elisa .
         - Irvin married Barbara and has two boys Adam and Oliver .
         - Elisa married Ian and has two girls Danielle and Caroline

                - Danielle married Miguel and has a daughter Lucia

                - Caroline married Sab

    - Sidney built up a successful textile business in Manchester.  He married Dorothy and
       had 3 children Joseph Barry , Vicky , and Annette .
        - Joseph Barry emigrated to Santa Barbara, Ca. and then on to San Diego .  He is married
          to Johnina .  They have 2 sons, Adam  and Kevin .
        - Vicky married a man called Levy and has 3 children Samuel , Suzanne , and Natalie .
        - Annette married David Cowley and has 2 sons Jack and Tom.  Annette remarried to Dean Murphy.

     - Lawrence was a jeweler who married Gina
    - Jennie married Walter Goodman .  They had a daughter called Denyse and emigrated to the
      US.   Denyse has a son called Zev
    -  Mae married Abe Mendelsohn who was in the Canadian Airforce and emigrated to
      Canada.  Mae passed away this past Dec. 4, 1999.

Joan and Elisa

Irvin and Barbara Grant

Dabielle, Miguel and Lucia

Caroline and Sab


Joseph Barry & Johnina Noar

Johnina Noar


Adam and Kevin Noar


Vicky Levy and Annette Murphy

Vicky Levy and Annette Murphy


Dean, Annette, Jack and Tom


3. Eli Noar (b~1875) married Sarah Weinstein and worked as a tailor.  They had 8 children:
    David , Bella , Ida , Nora Rita , Leonard , Annie , and Neville. Of these, only Annie is
    still alive.  Bella passed away November 28 1999, at the age of 97.

 David Noar

Lottie Noar
(David's Wife)


Ida Noar

Annie Noar

David Noar married  Charlotte (Lottie) Hannah Stohler and had 2 sons, Geoffrey and
    Michael.  David was in various businesses.  He started off in money lending, sold film
    advertising, did chromium plating for the motor trade, antiques, as a jobbing printer.  In later
    years he owned and controlled several profitable bingo halls.
    - Geoffrey Noar was convinced by his father to become a dentist instead of as an actor.  He
       has 3 children Richard , Elizabeth and Kathy .
  - Richard is married to Maxine Johnson.
  - Elizabeth is married to John O'Brien.  They have 3 sons, Thomas , Joseph and David
       - Kathy is married to Doug Thomson .  They have 2 children, Jessica and Joel .

Geoffrey Noar


Richard Noar

Maxine Noar
(Richard's wife)

Annabel Noar

Mom, Dad, and Annabel



Elizabeth O'Brien

John O'Brien

David, Thomas & Joseph O'Brien


Kathy Thomson

Jessica Thomson

Joel Thomson

    - Michael Noar  married Michele Silverstone .  He started out taking over his father's print
       works but later moved to the Toronto, Canada area.    They have 2 daughters, Debby and
       Victoria (Vikki).   Debby and Vikki live in Toronto Michael passed away
        in Toronto on 1/5/01.
        - Debby has 2 children, Micha and Sofie.

Michael Noar

Michele Noar

Debby Noar

Vickki Noar


Michele and Vickki Noar

Michele, Vickki,  and Michael Noar


Debby, Micha, and Sophie

Sophie (4 months)

- Bella married Johnnie Montague and was widowed at age 26.  She had a sweet shop and
     later worked as a secretary.  She had a daughter Fay .
   - Ida had a very successful boutique until she married Hymie Jacobs (Joe Jackson).  They
     had 2 daughters and a son.
   - Nora married Bernard Spiro and had 2 children.
   - Rita married David Bellovitch .  They had 2 sons Tony and Brian .
   - Leonard died at age 6 of meningitis.
   - Annie married Louis Samson .  They had 2 children Elaine and Paul .
   - Neville died in infancy.

4. Dora Noar (b~1880) married a man named Cohen.  They had 6 children:  Bella , Myer , Rose ,
    Joseph , Ralph , and Cissie .
    - Bella married a kosher butcher, Judd Samuels .
    - Meyer was a watchmaker and married Hilda Jacobson .
    - Rose married Alec Berlyne who had a glass business.
    - Joseph married Hilda Gottlieb and changed his name to Joe Carr.
    - Cissie married a man called Kessler .

5. Leah Noar (b~1882) married Abe Goodenday .  They had 2 children: Anne and Lionel .
     - Anne married Harold Rosenberg , who was a "klapper".  A klapper knocks on doors seeking
      to purchase second hand silver or jewelry.  They had 2 daughters, Louise and Rosalynd .
      - Louise (Ellman) is a member of Parliament representing Liverpool Riverside.
    - Lionel was a Hire Purchase Financier and passed away in 1999.

6. Maurice Noar (b.1886 Russia; D.1969 Manchester) married Rebecca Gertler (b.1890 Bessarabia; d.1981 Manchester) and was a traveler for a raincoat
    manufacturer.  They had 4 children:  RalphRosabelle , Ralph, Jackie, and Michael .                                                                                                                                    - Ralph became an optician and married Sylvia Ring.  They had two children Diane and Stephen.  Stephen started Denplan, a dental insurance company.             - Rosabelle was a secretary at a chemical factory where she met her husband Arthur Woolf. They had three children: JanetVeronicaEleanor.                                        - Jackie was a research chemist and married Carol.  They had two children; Alan and Clifford.                                                                                                                    - Michael , an optician, married Rita Freedman, a ballet dancer.  They had two children Martin and Amanda  Their daughter Amanda is a well known actress in England.


Amanda Noar

7. Leslie Noar (b~1887) married Annie Rydie and had 3 children:  Joseph , Rita , and Arthur .  He
    worked in the money lending business before switching over to credit drapery.  Finally, he
    ended up with a first flour suite in the centre of Manchester with a tailor business.
     - Joseph joined the Merchant Navy as a radio officer at the outbreak of WW II and was
      torpedoed.  Not wanting to experience that again, he joined the Royal Air Force as a bomb
      aimer and died in a midair collision in 1942.
    - Rita became a worker in a war factory repairing tanks during WW II.  She later was
      conscripted into the ATS as a female soldier.  After the war she married Leslie Greenburgh
      a watch and clock importer and wholesaler.  They had 2 daughters, Ruth and Joan .
       - Ruth married Michael Harris .
       - Joan married Stephen Waldek .  They had 4 children, on of whom is Daniel .
    - Arthur married Pamela Harris in 1953 and became a doctor in general practice.  They had a
      son Joseph .  Arthur died in 1994.
        - Joseph married Sara Portnoy (a child psychologist) in 1987.  He is an orthodontist.
          Along with his practice, he teaches orthodontics at the University of London . Joseph and
         Sara have 3 children: Alexander(4/1/94), Benjamin(13/10/97), and Jacob (25/10/01).

Joseph Noar



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