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This page is dedicated to the other Noar families that are not related to the Jewish Baltic states Noars.

1. Over 400 Years of History
   In Australia and England are many Noars that can be traced back to the 1500's, starting with
Richard Noore, buried 1558.  The earliest reference to the name as Noar is for Richard Noar who married Margaret Lytham in 1604.   Richard had a grandson who is listed as John Noar (1665 - 1729) of Pilling, Lancashire, England.
   The family mythology is that the Noores may have come from Holland originally. These English  Noars were mostly Anglican in religion, but those who migrated to Australia were members of the New Church founded by Emmanual Swedenborg in the eighteenth century.
   In 1849, a descendent named John Noar (1811-1873) moved from Manchester to Melbourne in 1849, along with his wife, Elizabeth, their two sons Henry (8) and Alfred (4).  The 2 boys were the only survivors of 10 children.
   These had many children resulting in Noars in Sydney (Freshwater, Mosman, Pyamble) Queensland (Toowoomba), Tasmania (Hobart, Lindisfarne, Orford) and Melbourne (E. Ringwood).

2. English (non-Jewish) Noars
In England today are Noar's that have been around for generations.  They may be related to the Noars above, it is not known at this time.
William Noar (1800's) had a son Ernest who married Amelia Ann Nicholls. Ernest was a plumber and had a shop in Pendlebury.  One of his jobs was to lead line coffins.  They had 3 children Geoffrey, Bernard, and Madeline.
   - Geoffrey  (1914-1993) married Irene Walsh and had 2 children, Raymond and Patricia.
  Geoffrey also became a plumber, working for his father.  When World War 2 started,
     Geoffrey was called into service in Southhampton to build and maintain army camps. On
     leaving the Army after the war, he was unable to return to his Father's business as he was
     required to work where the government placed him (presumably to help rebuild damage
     from  the war). When he was released from this contract he started his own plumbing
     business which was passed on to his son Raymond when he retired.
     - Raymond married Velma Hudsonin 1969 and had 2 children Lee and Leslie

  - Bernard  (1918-1994) married Ann Brailsford and had 2 children, Graham and Ann.
  - Madeline  (1920-) married Jack Taylor in 1943.

3. French (non-Jewish) Noars
In France today there lives Pierre and his son Laurant Noar.  This family came to France from England and are related to the first and/or second branch mentioned above.

4. Noah to Noar
Joseph Noah (Jewish) emigrated from England to the US when he was 16.  An immigration official mistakenly wrote his name as Noar and Joseph was too timid to ask for it to be corrected.  He married and had 2 daughters in the US.  Joseph died in 1991 in Hackensack, NJ

5. Hoar to Noar
In Ohio and western Pa there are Noar families.  These were originally Hoar and changed the name to Noar.

6.  There are many Noars found in the USA on census records, immigration records, and various vital records.  I assume most or all of these are immigrants from England or their descendants.  One of these was William Noar, sent as punishment to the colonies in America in 1739.  Another is Jefferson Noar a private in the 122nd U.S. Colored Infantry during the civil war.

7.  It is interesting that in the USA there are a number of people with the first name of Noar.

8.  In England there is a place called Noar Hill.  In  Pelican, Alaska you will find fishing boats  floating in Noar Cross Sound.

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