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What is new?  To find new information on the referenced pages, follow the link to the page and look for the PURPLE text.
1.  New information on the marriage of Ita Noar, granddaughter of Yudel Noar  Yudel Noar Branch.
2.  Bryan Noar of Abraham's Children  was recently married to Kelley Epstein.
3.  New pictures on Yudel Noar Branch  of  Yudel, his wife and several children.  These are pictures of people who died in or
     before the holocaust.
4. New information on Isaac Noar Branch  about Sarah Noar.
5. New information on English Noars  about some of Lubbie Noar's descendants.

...gathered from the lands,               Welcome to the Noar family web site,
  from the east and from the west,   Reuniting a Noar family scattered
  from the north and from the south.  throughout the world.
  Psalm 107:3
                     Once a large family, the Jewish Noars from
                                      the Baltic states have spread out over the
                                      world, losing our connection to one another.

                               This site is an attempt to bring us back
                               together as a family.

      In addition, there is information on other Noars
       not proven to be a part of the Baltic states clan.

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