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Near 1871, Solomon Noar (13) immigrated to America from Russia.  On March 28, 1883 he married Sarah Jaffe in NYC.  He was involved in the quilt business in Philadelphia in the 1880's where his first 2 children were born.  After that he owned a fish store in NYC.  According to listings in the city directory and his children's birth records, his name was actually Joseph Solomon Noar.  He mostly went by Solomon.  They had 5 children:

Harold (Herman) (b 1883)
Mabel (b 1886)
Bertha (b 1890)
Josephine (b 1892)
Abraham S (b 1895)

1. Harold Noar
Harold was a policeman in NYC.  He started a youth group for kids around the police theme.  He ended up as a salesman for a company that sold ready to wear dresses, traveling  all over the country.
Harold married Carolyn Rosenthal.  They met when Harold  was delivering  fish for his mother's fish store.  One day he delivered fish to the Rosenthal family.  The daughter, Carolyn, met him at the front door. She told him that he can't deliver it to the front like that!  He had to bring it to the back.  They ended up getting married.  They had 4 children:   Bernice, Sylvan Robert, Clarice, and Gertrude.

Bernice, Clarice, Harold and Carolyn Noar

   - Bernice Noar married Harold Rogers and had a son David.
   - Sylvan Noar went by his middle name Robert.  He  worked in the clothing industry.   In
     college he wanted to be a musician and played the trumpet.  However, his father
     disapproved of him playing in the dance bands in college so he stopped.  He thought about
     medicine but his sister, who was studying to be a doctor, took him up to her anatomy lab one
     day and that ended those aspirations.  Robert attended Temple U.
    When he was young, Robert bought an old Model A Ford for $25.  He was riding along 32nd
    street in NY with his cousin, Stanley, when he was hit broadside.  His arm was hurt and
    bleeding.  Robert asked the guy who hit him to take him to the hospital.  The guy refused
    because he did  not want to get blood in his car.  He made it to the hospital anyway and got
    stitched up.
    Robert married Olga Filipovich n 1945.  He met her while visiting the factory where Olga was
    the manager's secretary.  Robert looked at her and said "That is the girl I am going to marry."
   They had 2 children:   Richard and William.
         - Richard Noar married Diane Agrue and have 6 children Matthew, Faith, Joy, Michael,
         Timothy, and Bethany.
              - Matthew is married to Carrie Johnson
              - Faith married Daniel Smith and have a daughter Hannah born in Oct., 1999.

      - William married Pamela Lee Moare and resides in Japan with their 4 children Ruth,
         Laurel, Lydia, and Jonathan.

Robert and Olga Noar


(l-r) Jonathan, Lydia, Ruth, Laurel, Pamela and William


- Clarice Noar married Robert Rivenburgh  and had a son Robert who died the summer before
  he was to go to college.  He was in a park near home and had climbed a pole.  At the top he
  touched live electric wires and was killed.
- Gertrude Noar married Charles Chalmers  and had 2 children, Susan and Joel.

Gertrude Noar

2. Mabel Noar
    Mabel was mentally retarded and cared for by her family.

3. Bertha Noar
    Bertha worked as a nurse.

4. Josephine Noar
   Josephine was very extroverted and married Irving Moskowitz.

5. Abraham S. Noar
   Abraham married Belle Blum in 1926.  Belle said she and fiance Abe went to Abe's cousin,
  Joseph Noar from the Yudel branch, who had a diamond business in NY to get an
  engagement  ring.  This cousin said "Abe, don't worry, I'll make your girl a beautiful ring" and it
  was beautiful. Abraham operated the Electrol Oil Heating Inc. in Patterson, N.J.
  They had 2 children, Stanley and Bette Lee.
    - Stanley married Arlene Flack and had 2 children, Lisa and Brian.
    - Bette Lee married Donald Brady and had 2 children, Scott and Donna.

Abraham and Belle Noar with children Bette Lee and Stanley in 1935 outside Electrol Oil Heating.

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