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In 1869, Isaac Noar (34),  his wife Chasia-Merka (37)  and children immigrated to America from Russia.  Their  children were
- Sarah(Sora) (18)
- Rachel (16)
- Henrietta (13)
- Leberman (Levy)(12)
- Aaron (Arnold) (7)
- Moses (4).
They lived in NY City.  Isaac was a necktie maker as was Sarah. Leberman, at age 12, was a necktie peddler.  Isaac also operated a necktie business in San Francisco from 1887 - 1889 before returning to NY.
In addition, Isaac has 2 U.S. patents. One for a "Compound Strip for Neck-Wear" in 1885 and another for a new "Bicycle Drive Device" in 1899.  His signature, from the 1885 patent is:

They had at least 3 more children in America.
-Cecelia (Celia) was born in 1869
-Samuel in 1871
-Julia in 1874.

Sarah married Henry Klein, no later than 1876.  Henry had a furniture store in Philadelphia.  As of 1880 they had 2 daughters, Lottie and Helen.

In 1880, Rachel lived in Philadelphia with her sister and brother-in-law.  By 1882 she worked in Phila. as a milliner (ladies' hats).   Rachel married Simon Skedelsky in 1885.  She went on to become a physician around 1893.  Rachel and Simon had 2 children,  Sidney Hillary Skidell and Bernice Skidelsky.

In 1878/79, Leberman moved to Philadelphia and sold furniture for a living.  He may have worked in his brother-in-law Henry's furniture store.  By 1884 he had started his own neckwear store.
He was married in 1879 to Carrie Harpman.  They had 4 children in Philadelphia:
  - Florence (b 1881) worked as a clerk in the War Dept. in Wash. DC
  - Emilie, Estella, and Leonard all died before they were 1 yr. old.

In 1891, Leberman had moved to Memphis, TN as was working as a salesman in B. Lowenstein & Bros. Dept Store.  By 1900, he had started another neckwear manufacturing business.  Another daughter was born in Memphis:
    - Josephine was born in 1894.  Josephine later married Walter Moses in New Orleans.  They
       had 2 children, Josephine and Walter:
        - Josephine married Raymond Kierr and had 3 children Robert, Susan and Ellen.
        - Walter married Jane Waldhorn. Walter and Jane live in New Orleans, LA.  They had 2
          children, Stephen and Allyn.  They have 2 grandchildren, Lisa and Lisa

Leberman than moved to New Orleans in 1903.  By 1911, he once again started a neckwear manufacturing business, which was successful.
Leberman Noar
Daughter: Josephine (Noar) Moses
Leberman Noar & Grand kids
(Josephine & Walter, jr.)

Walter, jr. and Jane Moses
Walter, jr. and Leberman Noar's Grave site

In 1885, brother Aaron, who by 1886 was going by the name of Arnold,  joined Leberman in his necktie business.  The name of the business was L. Noar and Bros. and was located at 441 Market St.  They parted ways in 1888/89 when Leberman moved to Memphis, TN.

Arnold married the widow Amalia Hartzfeld  and adopted her youngest son Henry Arnold and Amalia also had 3 daughters,  Adeline P. and the twins Elsa and Gertrude. Gertrude was a well known educator,  Adeline P. was an opera singer, and  Elsa was mentally retarded and cared for by her family.
Noar's left from this family are those descended from adopted son Henry Noar in Nebraska.  They are Homer, Jeanette, Elizabeth, Jack, Henrietta and Rosemary.

Samuel Noar was a law student in Phila.  He became a lawyer in 1893 and later married Sadie.

Julia and Celia lived with Samuel until his death in 1910.  Julia was a nurse.  Celia was a seamstress and also worked as an operator.

Moses Noar was not present in the 1880 census, though he would have been only 15 yrs old.  It is possible that he passed away as a young child.

 Henrietta did not marry.

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