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1. St. Petersburg City Directory, 1917
   I recently had the chance to look in the city directories from Saint Petersburg, Russia  for the years 1892 - 1923.  I was hoping to find a listing for either some of the English Noar's or for Rachel Noar or the Yudel branch who was said to work there ~1919.
   I did not find Rachel Noar or any other Noar listed in any year except 1917.  In 1917, I found:

which is translated as:
Noar, Sofia Yur.  11 Pushkinskaya St.  Pharmacist.  Pharmacy of the Vasileostrovsky Hospital of Petrograd Charitable Society.  Doctor of Homeopathy for outpatients.

2. From private correspondence with St. Petersburg State Pavlov  Medical University, Dept. of
     International Relations:

  "From the Russian National Public Library, in lists of city dwellers and medical staff we found
    the following information.  There are only lists for 1914, 1917, 1920 & 1923:

          Sofia Urievna Noar had come to Saint-Petersburg somewhere between 1915-1917.
          She lived at  11 Pushkinskaya street. In 1917, she worked on Vasilievsky Island at
          13 Kadetskaya street (now - Siezdenskaya street) in the drug-store not as a
          doctor-homoeopathologist, but as a pharmacist.
          In the list of registered doctors with free practice & with state practice of all
          specialties she wasn't mentioned."

   "We've searched in the Major Archive of Health Care Department of Saint-Petersburg for the
     name of Sofia Gershonovich on 1920-1923, but it hasn't been there."

  Sofia is a Russian adaptation of Shena.  Also, Yuri is the russian adaptation of Yudel.   Shena
is the daughter of Yudel.  She would not be the only one in a medical profession, her sister Genia was a midwife in Vilna.  Also, her cousin, Rachel, from the Isaac branch was a physician in Philadelphia.

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